"Hungry Ghosts," Introducing

"Until the Day Disappears" (collaboration with Rob Moss Wilson), 7x7

Music Releases

2016: "Traveling" (song), The Turnip Truck(s)

2013: "Wail" (EP)

2011: "Riddled" (EP)

Musical Collaborations

2017: banjo and backing vocals, "Little Miss Monkey Feet" by Steve Delamater

2016: intro music for Drunk Monkeys Radio (podcast)

2015: guitar and vocals, "My Friendly Skeleton" (segment) in "The Impossible Dream: Buttercup" (short film) by hitRECord on TV

2015: vocals, "Of the Future," hitRECord on TV

2015: vocals, "Mirror Music," hitRECord on TV

2015: vocals, "Veil of Night," hitRECord on TV

2013: vocals, "Feeding Mr. Baldwin" (film score)

2012: vocals, "xuan lea nw8" by the internal tulips

2012: lyrics and vocals, "Numen Lumen" by Brad Laner + Lauren Kinney, Hometapes Records Holiday Compilation "Star Over"

Reviews & Misc.

Articles for Los Angeles Review of Books (LARB)

Songs About Books

See me appearing with Oddnesse in the video for "I Used To"